Where To Get Emergency Heating Repairs In Grand Rapids This Winter

Emergency Heating Repairs Grand RapidsFinding heating repairs in the middle of a freezing cold night in Grand Rapids isn’t always easy. As winter rolls in, heating repairs are in high demand just before the Michigan weather turns bitterly cold. Unfortunately, most heating breakdowns happen at this time, so it can be hard to find a repair contractor when you need one. Plus, not all are available after normal business hours.

Who To Call For 24/7 Emergency Repairs

Whether it’s your furnace, boiler, or heat pump that breaks down, you can find emergency repair service at Grapids Heating & Cooling. In our opinion, it would be crazy not to offer after-hour services to our customers. Not only because somebody has to come to the rescue, but also because heating breakdowns always seem to happen at the worst time.

You can count on our heating repair contractors to deal with the problem quickly. We are highly skilled at troubleshooting and have the equipment necessary to test your system. Our company makes sure that the service trucks are fully stocked to minimize repair delays. We know you need your heater for safety and comfort, so getting it back online as quickly as possible is our priority.

What To Do Before You Call For Heating Repairs

If you have an electric or gas furnace, check the main breaker to the furnace before you call for repairs. If the breaker tripped, reset it. If it turns on and then trips again, call us. If not, you’re good to go.

Gas furnaces do need electricity to spark the ignition in order to set the fuel on fire. So this could be the problem for gas heating systems too.

This may sound silly, but go ahead and check that the system thermostat is turned on and set to heat if you have a combo heating & cooling system. Make sure the thermostat has a freshly charged battery in it. We have answered service calls and found that the heater was just turned off or that the battery was dead. Also, if the thermostat is programmable, check the schedule to be sure this isn’t the problem.

If you need more information about 24/7 Emergency Heating Repairs in Grand Rapids, MI, please call Grapids Heating & Cooling at 616-453-1137 or fill out our online request form.