Winter is Coming: 4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Fall

Grand Rapids Heating MaintenanceHere in Grand Rapids, the end of summer is rapidly approaching. School starts back in just a couple of weeks, and then fall weather will return again. Your air conditioner has been working hard during the hottest days of July and August, and soon your heater will be working hard throughout fall and winter, too. The mild weather at the end of summer or beginning of fall makes this transitional season a great time to have your air conditioning and heating system maintained, repaired, or replaced by a professional. At Grapids Heating & Cooling Inc, our Grand Rapids heating contractor professionals know that your home’s heating and air conditioning systems are essential to having a comfortable and inviting space for your family to enjoy. If your home needs professional heating or air conditioning services, contact our friendly, knowledgeable team of experts for a free quote today!

Schedule an Air-Conditioning Tune Up

After a couple of months of hot weather, your air conditioner may be struggling or strained. Scheduling a fall air conditioning tune-up is a great way to check for and repair any damage done by the wear and tear of summer use. Tune-ups are also a great way to engage in preventative maintenance for your home air-conditioning system. Having your air conditioner is regularly tuned up and professionally maintained is a smart way to maximize the lifespan of your unit and save money on your electricity bill. After all, an air conditioner that is struggling to run properly often has to work harder for longer to achieve the same cooling results, which will add usage to your electric bill. Additionally, tuning up your air conditioner now can help ensure that it is ready for use the next time hot weather rolls around again.

Schedule a Heating Tune Up

While your air conditioner has been working hard for the past few months, your heater has been more idle. However, your heater is about to combat the bitter cold for several months. If it has been sitting unused, or has not been tuned up since last winter, your heater will need a tune up before the cold weather sets in. A tune up is a great way to make sure that your heating system is working at its maximum efficiency. Additionally, during a professional tune-up, our team will look closely for any minor problems that need to be repaired. Undetected minor problems can sneakily grow into large problems, until you have a sudden breakdown and need emergency repairs. A heating tune up will prepare your home heating system for the cold winter ahead, and can prevent your heater from having an unexpected and costly heater breakdown. Scheduling routine tune ups for your heating system is great way to protect its longevity and ensures that you are getting the most efficient performance possible from your system. If either or both of your systems have not been tuned up recently, fall is a great time to do so. Take advantage of this transitional phase as summer fades into fall and contact Grapids Heating & Cooling Inc to schedule your tune-ups today!

Plan Your HVAC Repairs

If your heater or air conditioner is not performing its best and you suspect that your system may need repairs, fall is a perfect time to take care of that. The weather is typically mild enough that your home will not become uncomfortable if your heater or air conditioner is out of commission for a day of needed repairs. So if your air conditioner is not cooling adequately, or cooling only parts of your home, consider taking advantage of the coming fall weather to have your problems repaired. Likewise, if you suspect that your heater is in need of repairs, let our qualified heating contractor experts at Grapids Heating & Cooling Inc help you! Whether you need heat pump repairs, furnace repairs, boiler repairs, or any other heating repairs, our team has the expertise to handle that for you. Scheduling your repair needs before the cold weather sets in is a great way to make sure that you never lose heat throughout the winter. Of course, we have 24/7 emergency service available for all emergency repairs just in case!

New Air Conditioning or Heating Installation

If you believe that your Grand Rapids home may be due for a new air conditioner or heater, now is a perfect time to schedule your installation. Our experts at Grapids Heating & Cooling Inc have the skills and knowledge to install the right kind of air conditioner or heater, the right way, the first time. We install all makes and models of air conditioners, and can install a variety of heating systems as well. Whatever your air conditioner installation or heater installation needs, our team will ensure that you have an expertly installed HVAC system in your home.

As summer ends and fall begins, take advantage of the mild weather to make sure that your heating and air conditioning systems are up to date. Whether you need a simple tune up or complex repairs, or even new unit installation, Grapids Heating & Cooling Inc is here to help. Contact us today for a free estimate!


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