Tips On Grand Rapids Indoor Air Cleaning

tips for grand rapids indoor air cleaningThere are many ways you can ensure your indoor air stays cleaner in your Grand Rapids home or business. One thing you should keep in mind is to always ensure you are changing the air filters every month and use only quality filters that trap the most. You’ve probably always heard this advice about changing filters, but there are also other things you can do to breathe easier and be more comfortable while indoors, especially when coupled with whole house air cleaners in Grand Rapids. With these tips from our Grand Rapids indoor air quality professionals, you can ensure you have good air to enjoy at all times.

Regular Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance

One of the ways to ensure you have the many benefits of a great working heating and cooling system is to call in a professional for a seasonal tune up twice a year. Maintenance on the HVAC equipment also needs to be done regularly, especially in commercial applications. With proper cleaning in the right places, your heating and air conditioning (as well as duct system) can help you to enjoy a cleaner air environment while you spend time indoors. All heating and air systems are rated for specific energy efficiency, which isn’t what you’ll see without proper maintenance. Your unit, no matter what type has hundreds of moving parts that need regular attention. Keep it clean and running right for the most in clean air and energy efficiency.

Duct Cleaning

Keeping your indoor air clean won’t give you the best benefits if you just use an air cleaner but neglect the duct work. Dirty ducts can harbor contaminants, pollutants, and allergens that are forced back into your home or building as your air or forced air heating system operates. Have your ducts cleaned out every couple of years or so by a Grand Rapids air conditioning professional who does thorough work.

Whole Home Air Cleaners For Exceptional Performance

It makes no sense to clean up the air in one room and not the whole interior. A one room air cleaner can’t work enough to clean the air in your entire home or business, no matter how big of a unit you purchase. The systems that give you exceptional performance are the whole home air cleaners in Grand Rapids. These systems are tied into your existing HVAC system and work to clean the air throughout your space effectively. Plus, they are much more energy efficient. There are many options out there today, so be sure you’re looking at something that will be worth it.

  • Install Whole Home Air Cleaners
  • Keep Air Filters Regularly Changed
  • Use Only Quality Air Filters
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