Woman adjusting thermostat.

What is the Most Efficient Indoor Temperature?

When you are at home during the warm summer months, you want to make sure that your house is at the right temperature. According to the EPA, the ideal temperature for your thermostat is 78 degrees. This will keep your home comfortable without straining your wallet on energy costs.

Why Go Programmable?

The best approach to maintaining a cost-efficient temperature is to “set it and forget it.” In other words, avoid tampering with your thermostat too much. During the hottest days of the year, many people are tempted to crank the AC up in an effort to cool their homes down faster. This doesn’t work and only strains your central air unit.

Setting your thermostat to 78 degrees and leaving it there, will maintain a comfortable atmosphere without stretching your budget. You can even save money by programming your thermostat to operate at a higher temperature while you’re away. For every degree above 72 degrees, you’ll save about 3 percent on your cooling costs.

For example, program your thermostat on a Monday-Friday schedule to operate at, say, 82 degrees while you’re at work, and then begin cooling your house before you arrive. This cuts cooling costs and welcomes you to a relaxing space.

If 78 degrees is too warm for you, try cooling your home naturally:

  • Close windows and blinds during the day to help keep the sun out

  • Run your ceiling fans in conjunction with your AC (make sure they’re set to rotate in the right direction)

  • Turn off your AC at night and open your windows to invite cooler air in

  • Weatherstrip doors and window to keep cool air inside where it belongs

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