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Believe it or not, the air inside your home is more than likely significantly worse than the air outside. Indoor air quality is a problem in most homes, and yet it’s an issue that few people are aware of. Dirty air filters are only part of the issue; over time, contaminants of all types will find their way in and reduce your indoor air quality even further. If you suffer from a sensitivity to poor-quality air, have a medical condition such as severe allergies or asthma, or you’re simply tired of hidden odors or other issues making your home feel dirty and unwelcoming, you may be interested in an air purification system. At Grapids Heating & Cooling, we offer a broad range of air purification solutions, including state-of-the-art technology from two of the leading names in indoor air quality: Premie and Pristine Air.

When it comes to helping you breathe easier, Premie and Pristine Air have been at the forefront of technology for decades. At Grapids Heating & Cooling, we’ve tried to emulate that forward-thinking philosophy by constantly staying on the cutting edge of HVAC technology and constantly improving our customer service experience. We know that our customers demand the absolute best for their home, and that’s the standard we’re constantly holding ourselves to. Our installation services are top-notch, ensuring your new HVAC equipment is installed and working properly, and also adhering to any relevant safety standards and building codes. Nobody offers air purification systems in Grand Rapids that come close to matching our quality and customer satisfaction.

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Premie Air Scrubbers

The Premie Air Scrubber system combines the power of oxidization with an ultra-effective UV light for maximum air purification as quickly as possible. This system has two main parts: a titanium dioxide-coated honeycomb matrix, and a UV germicidal light located inside. When your blower fan turns on and begins forcing air through your HVAC system, the air passes through the honeycomb matrix located inside your forced air duct. Inside this matrix, the air is exposed to a high-intensity UV lamp that blasts it with ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation performs two duties: it neutralizes many of the microbes that pass through it, and it activates the metals and forces them to react with the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the air.

These activated molecules then turn into hydrogen peroxides that are forced into the air around your home. The hydrogen peroxides bond with other airborne microbes and particles, disinfecting and destroying them. This means that the Premie Air Scrubber is one of the only systems that can actively and effectively keep your home cleaner and healthier. The hydrogen peroxides, hydroxyls, and superoxide ions that are produced by the activation process are totally harmless for your family; they’re found commonly in the air outside and act as nature’s disinfectants.

Pristine Air Filters

Pristine Air has a broad and diverse range of indoor air quality improvement products, including ultraviolet air scrubber lamps and electrostatic air filters. An electrostatic air filter uses the power of electricity and opposing electrical charges to trap airborne contaminants of even immensely small sizes in an easily replaceable filter pad. These systems replace your traditional HVAC filter, but offer superior filtration and air cleaning while using only a small amount of additional power and making no discernable difference to your HVAC system’s airflow and capacity.

Pristine Air also produces high-power UV air scrubber lamps that are great for neutralizing airborne bacteria, viruses, and other problems in your home. Unlike standard UV lamps that only offer a marginal degree of sterilization, Pristine Air’s models are designed to maximize exposure for superior performance and effective air cleaning. When combined with an improved filtration system, such as an electrostatic filter, you’ll see an incredible improvement in air quality throughout your home!

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