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HVAC & Water Heater Services in Wyoming, MI

Your Local Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Experts

Having a trusted HVAC contractor in your contacts is crucial in Michigan with the freezing winters and scorching summers. Grapids Home Services has been Kent County’s go-to for reliable heating, cooling, and water heater services since 1999. We offer:

Heating Services for Wyoming Homeowners

Grapids Home Services is one of the leading heating services providers in the Wyoming area. We offer the following top-rated services: 

Furnace Repair & Replacement

Many homeowners throughout Michigan rely on their furnaces throughout most of the year, so contact our team today if you have a problem with your home’s furnace. We can assist you with:

Don’t wait until the middle of winter if you think your furnace is having problems — call us instead, and we’ll provide a thorough inspection. 

Boiler Repair & Replacement

If your boiler is exhibiting the following signs, it is a good idea to have one of our highly skilled technicians come out to your home and further inspect it:

  • The color of your pilot light has changed from blue to yellow
  • Your energy bill is rising
  • Your boiler is leaking

Air Conditioning Services in Wyoming, MI

Don’t let the heat of a Michigan summer make your home unbearable! Grapids Home Services proudly offers comprehensive air conditioning services for homeowners and residents of Wyoming to keep you cool even on the hottest days.

Air Conditioner Repair

When something goes wrong with your AC, you can count on our team for quick and reliable repairs! Our air conditioning expertise allows us to diagnose and fix any AC problem you’re facing, big or small. Keep an eye out for the following signs that you need AC repairs:

  • Warm air blowing from vents
  • Uneven cooling throughout your home
  • Rising energy bills
  • Noises, such as banging, clanking, whirring, or buzzing
  • Odors, including rotten or burning smells
  • Water or refrigerant leaking or pooling around your unit

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

If your air conditioner is on its last legs or you’re ready to upgrade to a new unit, the expert AC contractors at Grapids Home Services have you covered! Our AC replacement services will provide you with a new, advanced air conditioner that’s perfectly suited to your home’s needs. Our team will help you select from industry-leading HVAC brands to find the perfect unit for your home’s size, cooling needs, and budget.

AC Tune-Up Maintenance 

To improve your air conditioner’s performance, increase its energy efficiency, and prolong its life span, schedule preventative AC maintenance with our team! Our team will perform a thorough check and tune-up of your system so that it runs at its best.

Ductless Air Conditioning

For more flexibility with your home’s cooling, consider ductless mini-splits! They are a great option for flexible cooling power and can be used in homes without ductwork. At Grapids Home Services, we offer expert ductless AC services, including installation, repair, and maintenance.

Ensure Your System Is Ready For The Season

We Offer Maintenance On Any Unit

Reliable Water Heater Services in Wyoming, MI 

Your water heater is an integral part of your home’s well-being — without it, cooking or showering becomes infinitely more complicated. If you are having issues with your water heater, Grapids Home Services can assist you when it comes to:

Home Air Quality Products & Services 

The air quality within your home significantly affects the health and well-being of you and your loved ones. If you are interested in improving your home’s air quality, we can help by offering you these options:

Why Choose Grapids Home Services?

Grapids Home Services has spent over two decades assisting Michigan homeowners with all of their heating and cooling needs, and over the years, we’ve become known for offering all of our clients these guarantees:

  • Warranty and Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Service Partner Plans
  • Appointments Scheduled at Your Convenience
  • Hundreds of Five-Star Reviews 
  • Free Estimates on New Equipment and Installations 
  • Over 20 Years of Experience

Trust Your Home to Our Team

We take pride in our community. We’re a locally based company, and we live where we work, which is one reason we’re so proud to be a company so trusted and relied upon. We want to be the team you turn to whenever something goes wrong with your home’s heating and cooling systems, and we’d love to show you what our commitment to the community means for you.

Don’t wait! If you’ve got a problem with your furnace or air conditioner, contact Grapids Home Services online now to discuss your repair options! Financing options are available!

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Why Choose Grapids Home Services?

Discover The Difference
Warranty & Satisfaction
Service Partner Plans
Appointments Scheduled at
Your Convenience
Hundreds of Five-Star
Free Estimates on New Equipment & Installations
Over 20 Years of
Warranty & Satisfaction
Service Partner Plans
Appointments Scheduled at
Your Convenience
Hundreds of Five-Star
Free Estimates on New Equipment & Installations
Over 20 Years of
Safety. Savings. Peace of Mind Service Partner Plan

At Grapids Home Services, our contractors go above and beyond to provide service that exceeds your expectations! Our customers save more on their HVAC with our Service Partner Plan.

Comprehensive system tune-ups In addition to keeping your family safe, our heating & air conditioning tune-ups will save you money!
Discounts Should you need heating & air conditioning service, you will receive a 10% discount!
Priority scheduling Your call will be scheduled ahead of others, which is particularly important if you need us on the hottest or coldest days of the year.
Transferable Your Service Partner Plan can be transferred to a new home or to the buyer of the home you're selling.